Structural Analysis, Finite Difference Method, Pythonista, and Plotly Oct 2020

Beam Problem — Hand Calculation PDF LINK — beam analysis — hand calculations The 5 page calculation in the PDF was done in 1983. The quidiagonal matrix solution was probably done with an HP-41 calculator program. Beam Problem — Plotly Graph LIVE LINK to HTML PAGE — using Plotly The Plotly graph shows deflections, shears, […]

AISC Bolt Shear Capacity (with video) Jun 2019

See updated UI. See VIDEO link. Works on iPhone or iPad Added ‘choice lists’ to the custom augmented slider class For example, the AISC hole type selection is based on a ‘choice list’. The charts are live overlays Plots capacity of all plates where 0.25″ <= PL_THK <= 2″ See whats-on-the-pythonista-menu-yep-sliders link. See sliders-in-pythonista link. […]

What’s on the Pythonista menu? Yep, sliders! Side dish of booleans, integers and floats Dec 2018

I built this app and am running this app on my iPad. Credit to: mikaelho / pythonista – gestures tdamdouni / Pythonista Pythonista / slider / The video shows an app with 8 inputs — 2 integer, 4 float, 2 boolean. Numeric input is tedious — at best; slider input is easier and offers positive feedback. In this […]