AISC Bolt Shear Capacity (with video) Jun 2019

See updated UI.

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   AISC Bolt Shear Capacity — Minimum Dimensions Feb 2024

Extended use of Sliders and Overlays

My AISC Bolt Shear App – Video

Works on iPhone or iPad

Added ‘choice lists’ to the custom augmented slider class

For example, the AISC hole type selection is based on a ‘choice list’.

The charts are live overlays

Plots capacity of all plates where 0.25″ <= PL_THK <= 2″

See whats-on-the-pythonista-menu-yep-sliders link.

See sliders-in-pythonista link.

Thank you to Ole Zorn for guidance on the button-driven screenshots.

See controlling-screenshots link.

iPad Screenshot with Long Slot Calculation

iPhone Screenshot

Basis for spacing and edge distances

Hole and slot sizes are taken from Table J3.3

One thought on “AISC Bolt Shear Capacity (with video) Jun 2019

  1. I haven’t worked with or utilized Pythonista as yet. Looks to be a powerful tool. Thanks for developing and sharing this program on bolt capacities – quite useful!

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