Pythonista 3 has an excellent UI development platform! May 2018

Pythonista 3 has an excellent UI development platform
    • All of the AISC structural shapes at your fingertips
      • The user may filter shapes by nominal type and by nominal size
    • This is a standalone app built using Pythonista 3.
      • Less than 500 lines of user programming (my programming)
        • Data is contained in a CSV file of a couple thousand lines
      • Visual drag and drop GUI builder – very nice
      • Visual GUI file can also be manually edited as a text file
        • can go back and forth – visual and manual
        • human readable UI file – not cryptic
      • Quick turnaround while editing program or UI
      • The app was developed on iPad, later transferred to iPhone
        • Simply modified the UI file for iPhone use
      • Written in Python 3.6
      • No pandas
      • No wifi connection required
      • No internet connection required

Karl Hoitsma, P.E. (khoitsma)

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