Observations Jul 2021

Leaving a step out of a routine inevitably lengthens the routine. No matter what else, it all boils down to the competence and motivation of the people doing the work. Calculations Do your best work, Revisit next morning and edit out errors, Revisit next week and edit out errors, Revisit and run several arbitrary (though […]

Do Not Squander Time May 2021

The Forgotten Grave OUT from the City’s dust and roar, You wandered through the open door; Paused at a plaything pail and spade Across a tiny hillock laid; Then noted on your dexter side Some moneyed mourner’s “love or pride;” And so,—beyond a hawthorn-tree, Showering its rain of rosy bloom Alike on low and lofty […]

The Suez Canal — How Ships Float May 2021

Suez Canal I read about the recent incident in the Suez Canal with the container ship, Ever Given. I started thinking about the support of floating ships. With a relatively narrow canal, it was easier to imagine the mechanics. Archimedes Recall Archimedes Principle — we simply say a floating object displaces its weight in water. […]