Powerful Song Apr 2022

Link to “The Last Resort” Final Verse “They call it paradise I don’t know why You call someplace paradise Kiss it goodbye” Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Don Henley / Glenn Lewis Frey The Last Resort lyrics © Cass County Music, Red Cloud Music

Prairie Home Companion Archives Feb 2022

Just one of the great shows available Recording from November 21, 1998 Overview November 21, 1998 broadcast with: Roy Blount, Jr., Guy Davis, James Twomey, and Buddy Emmons hosted by Garrison Keillor From The Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia Give it say 5 or maybe 10 minutes; there’s a little Gone With the Wind in […]

2022 Google Extensions Jan 2022

Don’t know who likes Google Chrome extensions and who doesn’t, but there are some good ones out there. Simple (but depending on what you’re reading, can help you out) Google Dictionary Especially, a user can sequentially look up words in the definitions and/or jump out to a typical Google search. Screen Utilities Awesome Screenshot & […]