Susan Kare Jun 2024

A pioneer of pixel art

“In 1982, Kare was welding a life-sized razorback hog sculpture commissioned by an Arkansas museum when she received a phone call from high school friend Andy Hertzfeld. In exchange for an Apple II computer, he solicited her to hand-draw a few icons and font elements to inspire the upcoming Macintosh computer.”

Her projects for Microsoft include the card deck for Windows 3.0’s solitaire game.

Here’s a great video from about 2014
Susan Kare, Iconographer (EG8)

How Susan Kare Designed User-friendly Icons for the First Macintosh


Susan Kare — Designing the GUI of the Apple Macintosh (and much more)

Susan Kare according to the wiki

Interesting reference
The staying power of the smiley face

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