The (W)rapper Tower Sep 2021

Way out there

XO skeleton

Maybe you’ve seen this; I just now noticed this building project.

At first, I thought I was seeing ‘decorative’ bands; but this is the exoskeleton, the load carrying frame.
(W)rapper Tower
(W)rapper Tower
The (W)rapper Building
Los Angeles, CA


  • “Arup used an LS-Dyna model for its nonlinear seismic analysis of the (W)rapper.”
  • “EOMA, Eric Owen Moss Architects, created a parametric model using Digital Project/Catia software that allowed the various systems to be updated to reflect changes in structural design criteria.”
  • “The analysis, run using cloud computing, confirmed the target performance of “structural immediate occupancy” under the maximum considered earthquake scenario. That performance is significantly better than the building code’s minimum objective of collapse prevention at the MCE level, says Arup.”
The (W)rapper Building
Los Angeles, CA

YouTube (visual intro)


Construction (good detail photos)

Architect Magazine

Dell charger on end with cord wrapped
Wrapper Inspiration ?

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