Sol-20 Jul 2020

The Sol-20 home computer, with an Intel 8080 (2 MHz, RAM 1 kB up to 64 kB max),

as seen in 1977 at Interactive Computers

Located at 7646 1/2 Dashwood In Houston, Texas

The shop on Dashwood (since demolished)

From the wiki:

‘The design was originally suggested by Les Solomon, the editor of Popular Electronics.

He asked Bob Marsh of Processor Technology if he could design a smart terminal for use with the Altair 8800.

Lee Felsenstein, who shared a garage working space with Marsh, had previously designed such a terminal but never built it.

Reconsidering the design using modern electronics, they agreed the best solution was to build a complete computer with a terminal program in ROM. Felsenstein suggested the name “Sol” because they were including “the wisdom of Solomon” in the box.’

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Bob Marsh

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