AI Poetry Nov 2023

Happy Birthday Good Friend
There is a free online poetry generator ‘for those special occasions’.
I gave it a trial run in making a birthday poem for my friend.

What do you think? Is it literature?

Happy Birthday
On this joyous day, we gather with cheer,
To celebrate Bill, a soul so dear.
_____ years have graced his path,
A pharmacist and gardener, he’s left his laugh.
In [ hometown ], his spirit blooms,
Like flowers in gardens, chasing gloom.
With mortar and pestle, he tends to health,
Dispensing remedies, bringing inner wealth.
Through aisles of pills and potions galore,
Bill extends his warmth, an open door.
A compassionate heart in each prescription,
Bringing healing waves, a sweet benediction.
Yet amidst the white coats and medical strife,
His green thumb thrives, embracing life.
A gardener’s touch, an artist’s delight,
Creating landscapes, painting colors so bright.
From roses in bloom to vegetables grown,
Bill’s soil nurtures dreams that are sown.
With calloused hands and tender care,
He cultivates beauty, his garden’s prayer.
So, on this special day, let’s raise a toast,
To Bill, whose presence we cherish the most.
Happy _____th birthday, dear friend and sage,
May your days be filled with joy at every stage.

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