AI outperforms conventional weather forecasting Nov 2023

And does it faster

In a comprehensive evaluation, GraphCast outperformed ECMWF’s system in 90 percent of 1,380 metrics, including temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, and humidity at various atmospheric levels.

And GraphCast does all this quickly: “It predicts hundreds of weather variables, over 10 days at 0.25° resolution globally, in under one minute …”

It processes the current and six-hour-old global atmospheric states, generating a 10-day forecast in about a minute on a Google TPU v4 cloud computer.

Ultimately, the Google DeepMind researchers see their AI-based approach as a complement to current weather prediction techniques. “Our approach should not be regarded as a replacement for traditional weather forecasting methods,” they write, “which have been developed for decades, rigorously tested in many real-world contexts, and offer many features we have not yet explored.”

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Google’s Cloud TPU v4
Google’s Cloud TPU v4

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