Mathpix Snip Sep 2021

Take a photo of a handwritten math problem and get the LaTeX code from your smartphone (or computer) Take a photo on the iPhone, and crop it. Submit and voilá. Here’s the LaTeX code (I added code shown in red to remove the equation number): \begin{equation} \[ \therefore R_{1}=\left(\frac{q a}{2}\right)\left[2-\alpha^{2}(1+\beta)\right] \end{equation} \]

The (W)rapper Tower Sep 2021

Maybe you’ve seen this; I just now noticed this building project. At first, I thought I was seeing ‘decorative’ bands; but this is the exoskeleton, the load carrying frame. The (W)rapper Building Los Angeles, CA Excerpts “Arup used an LS-Dyna model for its nonlinear seismic analysis of the (W)rapper.” “EOMA, Eric Owen Moss Architects, created […]