Recent Updates Jun 2024

A few blog posts I've recently updated/improved
Best of Seven Jul 2022

several improvements

corrected a couple formulas,
added a closed form solution,
improved plots


added a couple ‘klh’ entries

Mathematics Books — a Few of the Very Best Jul 2021

reformatted text

Best of Seven Outcome Probability Dec 2020

improved plots

Poetry May 2022

The Suez Canal — How Ships Float May 2021

reformatted text in the conclusion section

Short Takes

Multi-Page Apps using Dash/PythonAnywhere Apr 2020

reworked menu to access all apps, improved links

Added App C1 AISC Bolt Capacity

Calculates the shear capacity of a bolt configuration — bolt, plate, spacing, edge distance, specification, installation. In one quick app, solves all aspects of AISC 15th Edition Tables 7-1 through 7-5. All in accordance with the 15th Edition of the Manual of Steel Construction, Section J3 (AISC 360-15, J3). I have reviewed AISC 360-16, J3 and I say this app still applies.

Design for Flood, Wind, Seismic, Snow, Ice, and Fire Aug 2023

edited a few statements to improve clarity of thought

QuickLinks on right side of this (and every) blog page

Added interesting math links — circles and semicircles

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