ASCE 7-16 Ice Loading Apr 2018

ASCE 7-16 Ice Loading
  • Function get_iceweight, a function of …
  • structural shape
  • all kinds of structural shapes
  • pipe, HSS, bar
  • L, 2L, 2L spaced
  • C, MC
  • W, S, M, HP
  • WT, ST, MT
  • ‘basic’ ice thickness from ASCE map
  • importance factor for ice
  • function of height above grade
  • topographic factor
  • ice density
  • Excel implementation …
  • Self documentation for function ‘get_iceweight
  • Self documentation for the function parameters
  • Function results while entering parameters
ASCE 7-16: the ice design thickness equation

Excel: the spreadsheet

“the function” written in Excel

Excel Insert Function Dialog Box 1 of 2 (fx)

Excel Insert Function Dialog Box 2 of 2 (fx)

“the function” written in Python
Incorporated with Excel using PyXLL

Karl Hoitsma, P.E. (khoitsma)

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