Python, PyXLL, and Pyside2 Nov 2021

A full PySide2 dialog controlling ASCE wind calculations

I built a full PySide2 menu that allows the selection and presentation of AISC steel properties and the calculation of ASCE wind loads.


  • User supplied grade datum
  • Any AISC shape
  • Orientation of shape (B, width or D, depth)
  • Property list for user selected shape
  • Scaled diagram for certain shapes (W, S, M, HP, C, MC, WT, ST, and MT)


  • Regex filtering of shape drop-down menu
  • Fireproofing (beam type and column type)
  • Additional user-specified factor

AISC has approximately 2000 shapes and a set of 89 properties for each of those shapes.

The ASCE wind calculations are exact; that is, the wind values are calculated using integrals rather than tables.

Video Link



Screenshot Properties and Fields

Screenshot Fields

Screenshot Properties

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