Drone Walks and Flys Oct 2021

Design space = flying + walking

Writing in an associated Focus article, Stefano Mintchev, a researcher at ETH Zurich’s Department of Environmental Systems Science, said LEO’s abilities require trade-offs:

The propellers are tilted to be more effective in stabilizing LEO’s walk, but this choice reduces their efficiency during flight. To minimize the weight that needs to be lifted, the legs are slender and underpowered. LEO needs constant support from the propellers during walking, which makes it more energy hungry than a purely terrestrial robot would be…[The] extent of these trade-offs, and thus how close a multimodal robot is to a purely terrestrial or aerial robot, is reliant on design choices. Minimizing trade-offs remains a daunting challenge.


I like the tightrope demo; that’s out of the box.

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