AISC C Coefficient for Bolt Groups Nov 2017

Using the Instantaneous Center of Rotation Method   



All values of all C coefficients in one Excel tab!   
Replaces 48 pages of design tables in the AISC Manual.
Allows any:

  • bolt quantity or
  • row spacing or
  • column spacing or
  • rotation

No manual interpolation required.

Concise and easy. See still shot.   







And video.   


Clarification: C values are for P load located at an eccentricity of ‘ex’; Cprime values are for pure moment loading
Verification: AISC — one column of bolts.    One column of bolts
Verification: AISC — two columns of bolts.    Two columns of bolts

Karl Hoitsma, P.E. (khoitsma)

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