Structural Analysis, Finite Difference Method, Pythonista, and Plotly Oct 2020

Beam Problem — Hand Calculation PDF LINK — beam analysis — hand calculations The 5 page calculation in the PDF was done in 1983. The quidiagonal matrix solution was probably done with an HP-41 calculator program. Beam Problem — Plotly Graph LIVE LINK to HTML PAGE — using Plotly The Plotly graph shows deflections, shears, […]

Multi-Page Apps using Dash/PythonAnywhere Apr 2020

AISC Strong Axis Bending Replaces 45 pages in AISC 15th Manual Graphical and tabular data Change the shape selection (HP12, for instance) Hover over the chart data points AISC Filtered Shape Properties All properties for a user’s selection (2L4X3X3/8X3/4SLBB , for instance) Just start typing 2L4 and the drop down will filter to […]

Calculate Beta w for Single Angles Dec 2019 (revised Jul 2021)

AISC v15.0 Shapes Database # NOTE # For enhanced readability and easier translation to other software, # exponents are indicated with the (mathematically) traditional caret symbol. # # In Python, replace all carets with a double asterisk. # # In Excel, replace all references to c with c_. Refer to You cannot use R, […]

Python — Nested Ifs Nov 2019

NESTED IFs: A question was asked recently on Stack Overflow The solution shown below is readable, scalable, easily edited — and contains no IF statements. This is similar to the method proposed by Anitoliy R except I use a single string and the split function to simplify editing and scaling. To illustrate scalability, I add […]