Lithium Batteries Oct 2022

Lithium batteries β€” thermal runaway
Lithium batteries β€” recycling β€” IMPORTANT

Lithium-Ion Battery Disposal for Consumers
EPA recommendation: Find a location to recycle Li-ion batteries and products that contain Li-ion batteries using one of the suggested links; do not put them in the trash or municipal recycling bins.

Medium and Large-Scale Li-ion Battery Disposal
EPA recommendation: Contact the manufacturer, automobile dealer, or company that installed the Li-ion battery for management options; do not put it in the trash or municipal recycling bins.

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Lithium-ion batteries, how do they work?
How Are lithium batteries made?
   via the Wikipedia and
   via the Periodic Chart
The wiki
Poliakoff: a wonderful β€” and fascinating β€” reference

The full Periodic Chart
Specifically lithium β€” Element 3

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