Nobel Prize winner from Loyola SSTP 1970

William E. Moerner wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014
Dr. Moerner
In the summer of 1970 between Junior and Senior years, a critical event occurred: I attended a National Science Foundation Student Science Training Program at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This stimulating program covered Electronics, Chemical Kinetics, and Computer Science, setting the stage for my multidisciplinary interests later! We lived in the dorms, went to class, performed laboratory experiments, and had field trips to many nearby refineries and research centers.

This experience set the stage for my future research interests and I loved every minute.

I see a mighty big smile on Dr. Christman’s face!
Back in October 2020, Rush Lynch (LSU SSTP 1966) alerted me to this story. Thanks to Rush for sending the link to Dr. Moerner’s biography.
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