Multi-Dimension Data Table using PyXLL (with video) Dec 2020

Data Table
I coded a PyXLL macro that builds a multi-dimension data table.

The native Data Table provided by Excel is useful but limited to two variables.

My version is set up for 5 dependent variables and an unlimited (theoretically) number of dependent variables. 5 was an arbitrary choice; some limitation is required here.

What is a native Data Table?

MD Data Table in Action — Video

3 inputs; 2 outputs

Bonus — Video

Merged my data table values into Excel’s data table

3D Hypotenuse

3d Hypotenuse


Independent Variables

Independent Variables — Input

qvar_0 (10 items)

qvar_1 ( 7 items)

qvar_2 ( 4 items)

Dependent Variables

Dependent Variables — Results

Dependent Variables Details

Dependent Variables — Details (only for clarity)

Short Tabulation

Short Tabulation

Long Tabulation

Long Tabulation

(10 x 7 x 4 = 280 items)

More Details

Selecting Results Cells

Selecting Results Cells

Selecting Anchor for Tabulation

Selecting Anchor for Tabulation

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