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MIT Math Test 1876 Jan 2021

Math Test</p> <p>Hand calculation?<br />   or<br />Computer algebra?
I received a text describing an MIT entrance exam given in 1876.

1876 Math Test

I took the opportunity to work five of the problems.

I worked them by hand, just as the students did in 1876; but also, as the students might work them now, in 2021.

Problem 1
Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 2
Problem 3
Problem 3
Problem 4
Problem 4
Problem 5
Problem 5

And here is the Jupyter notebook solving the problems using computer algebra (CA).

The CA for the five problems was done using the Sympy module, the Python language, and a Jupyter notebook.

Jupyter notebook -- page 1 of 2

Jupyter notebook -- page 2 of 2

Click on download to get the Jupyter notebook:
(you might need to right click)
(I say this won’t work on an iPhone)

And finally, there’s photomath …

There is an app called photomath; I have the free version on my phone. The user takes a picture of a math problem (no typing) and the app solves the problem. I took a picture of my laptop screen, Problem #8, and the app solved for the two solutions (see screenshot).

Disclaimer: I would not recommend that kids even know about this app.

Something from the past, on this Mathpax blog.
photomath Jun 2018

photomath app screenshot

Do you remember this article on Computer Algebra?

Pavelle, Rothstein, and Fitch — Scientific American, Volume 245, Issue 6, 1981 Computer Algebra.pdf

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