MIT Math Test 1876

Math Test

Hand calculation?
Computer algebra?

I received a text describing an MIT entrance exam given in 1876.

1876 Math Test

I took the opportunity to work five of the problems.

I worked them by hand, just as the students did in 1876; but also, as the students might work them now, in 2021.

Problem 1
Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 2
Problem 3
Problem 3
Problem 4
Problem 4
Problem 5
Problem 5

And here is the Jupyter notebook solving the problems using computer algebra (CA).

The CA for the five problems was done using the Sympy module, the Python language, and a Jupyter notebook.

Jupyter notebook -- page 1 of 2

Jupyter notebook -- page 2 of 2

Click on download to get the Jupyter notebook:
(you might need to right click)
(I say this won’t work on an iPhone)

And finally, there’s photomath …

There is an app called photomath; I have the free version on my phone. The user takes a picture of a math problem (no typing) and the app solves the problem. I took a picture of my laptop screen, Problem #8, and the app solved for the two solutions (see screenshot).

Disclaimer: I would not recommend that kids even know about this app.

Something from the past, on this Mathpax blog.
photomath Jun 2018

photomath app screenshot

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