Commemorating 55 years: Loyola University, New Orleans 1967 SSTP

After only 55 years, my yearbook copy has a bit of tanning and foxing; therefore, I converted the yearbook page photos to mono.

Holy Name of Jesus Church
Holy Name of Jesus Church
Marquette Hall
Marquette Hall

NSF, Loyola University, New Orleans 1967 SSTP Sep 2020

Dr. John F. Christman
NSF SSTP Director
Dr. Christman Obituary

From the 1968 Loyola Yearbook
From the 1968 Loyola Yearbook

From the 1967 Loyola Yearbook
So few smiles

Loyola University<br /> 1967 SSTP Participants</p> <p>Where are they now?</p> <p>Feel free to comment below.<br />
    Bill Beck
    Ralph Bulle
    Jim Campbell
    Bill Carney
    Anne Chess

    Mary Ellen Cider
    Gregg Cieslak
    Jan DeMajo
    Bob Drinkwater
    Felix Ferrise

    Marc Fuller (email contact many years back)
    Lee Gordon III
    Kirk Hammond (email Sep 2022)
    Rose Anna Henry
    Craig Hessel

    Jim Hicks
    John Higgins
    Payge Hodapp
    Karl Hoitsma (me)
    John Keller

    Louis Knight
    Riley Kothmann, Jr. (in contact for a long time)
    Mary Ellen Kuehne
    Barb Long
    Pete Luan (in contact for a long time)

    Sue McBeth
    John McQuilling
    Joe Mietus
    Anne Montgomery
    Lorraine Moore

    Bob Munger
    Leon Norton
    Meg O'Rear
    Larry Proctor
    Ronald Raley

    Joan Ratliff
    Bob Rayburn
    Jerry Rimmer
    J. D. Rumisek
    Becky Schreiber

    Wynn Schwartz (email Sep 2022) 
    Gary Smerek
    Nettie Smith
    Chuck Stedman
    Cigus Vanni

    Lola Villavaso
    Al Zisman (email Aug 2022, see comment section below)
    Marty Zuniga
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6 thoughts on “Commemorating 55 years: Loyola University, New Orleans 1967 SSTP

  1. The Benzene Ohm was the Loyola 'yearbook'. I’ve included the photos of participants who have written in.

    Send in an update or write a comment — I’ll happily add your photo page.

  2. I just stumbled across this a few minutes ago. The 1967 SSTP experience was one of the most influential experiences in my life – truly life changing in fact. I treasure the memories. Thank you so very much!

  3. In the past few days, I’ve visited by email with
    · Alan Zisman,
    · Riley Kothmann,
    · Kirk Hammond,
    · Wynn Schwartz, and
    · Cigus Vanni.

    I also visited by phone with Pete Luan. That’s 6 out of 48 participants: 1/8 of the group.

  4. So good to hear from you by email and thanks for commenting, Alan. I added a few excerpt pages from the 1967 Loyola SSTP yearbook. I did remember correctly, you were Riley Kothmann’s roommate.

  5. Taking part in the 1967 Loyola SSTP program was a big event in my early life, leaving me with a life-long love of New Orleans food and music, among other things. It encouraged my independence, which resulted in my leaving home to attend university in Montreal – which ultimately led to my living in Canada.

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