Commemorating 5 years for this Blog Jun 2022

5 years already
Only 132 posts later (*) …

I’ve learned a lot about scripting, and writing in general.

I wrote it to be read, but I have enjoyed the experience — therapeutic almost.

Along the way, I found a friend. October 2020, a fellow SSTP participant, Garrett Rush Lynch (LSU 1966), wrote to me in response to one of my blog entries (**). Since meeting by email, we’ve corresponded and have visited by phone occasionally. As Dr. Christman might say: Serendipity indeed.

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(*) 2.2 posts per month
(**) NSF, Loyola University, New Orleans 1967 SSTP Program Sep 2020

Back in March 2021, we went down to Lufkin for Nancy’s Covid shot. She was waiting in line inside. I was outside enjoying the low 70s, the light breeze. I saw the flowers, weeds, and litter covering the open lot next door. Lots of sun there but I had parked in the shade mostly, was able to comfortably lean against the car hood and observe the butterflies visiting the flowers. Seems they took a casual route alighting for a while, then flying a few feet up, sometimes going cross wind, maybe a bit slow, not much tempted by the straight path.

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