Commemorating 5 years for this Blog Jun 2022

5 years already
Only 132 posts later (*) …

I’ve learned a lot about scripting, and writing in general.

I wrote it to be read, but I have enjoyed the experience — therapeutic almost.

Along the way, I found a friend. October 2020, a fellow SSTP participant (LSU 1966) wrote to me in response to one of my blog entries (**). Since meeting by email, we’ve corresponded and have visited by phone occasionally. As Dr. Christman might say: Serendipity indeed.

(*) 2.2 posts per month
(**) NSF, Loyola University, New Orleans 1967 SSTP Program Sep 2020

Back in March 2020, we went down to Lufkin for Nancy’s Covid shot. It was an ideal spring day for me. She was waiting in line inside. I was outside enjoying the spring air. I saw the flowers, weeds, and litter covering the open lot next door. Lots of sun there but I had parked in the shade mostly, was able to comfortably lean against the car hood and observe the butterflies visiting the flowers. Seems they took a casual route alighting for a while, then flying a few feet up, sometimes going cross wind, maybe a bit slow, not tempted by the straight path.

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