Three Blue One Brown

Here is a beautiful website by Grant Sanderson.  3blue1brown So many exciting insightful mathematics presentations. The craft and artistry are as impressive as the mathematical concepts. Take a look — even if you think you know the material — you will see a few new gems (I bet).  

Interesting Websites  

get_next, get_prev, in Python OrderedDict 08/2018

I provide an example class based on an OrderedDict — with an adjunct dictionary to index to the next and prev OrderedDict entry. In my case, I have a rather static OrderedDict: it is a dictionary of AISC shape objects. The function set_prev_next() must be called after each operation that modifies OrderedDict. class MyClass(coll.OrderedDict): mynpdict […]

A single star orbiting the black hole in the center of the Milky Way 07/2018 In a paper published July 26 in Astronomy & Astrophysics, a team of researchers reports the observation of a hallmark of general relativity known as gravitational redshift.  The measurement is the first time general relativity has been confirmed in the region near a supermassive black hole. As light escapes a region with a strong gravitational field, […]