2022 Google Extensions Jan 2022

I don’t know who likes Google Chrome extensions and who doesn’t, but there are some good ones out there.

Simple (but depending on what you’re reading, can help you out)

  • Google Dictionary
    Especially, a user can sequentially look up words in the definitions and/or jump out to a typical Google search.

Screen Utilities


  • Toucan – Language learning
    This is good clean fun 😊


  • Wordtune (like Grammarly but goes to writing with clarity/style)
    Seems to work very well but the free version allows only 20 rewrites per day.
    I’m still evaluating the free version.
    There is a great idea behind this app; how you say it is often as important as what you say (†).

I have tried both briefly but have no opinion as to which is better. For now, I’m keeping both pinned to Chrome.
I might replace my paid versions of SnagIt and Camtasia with these free extensions.

Full disclosure: I let Wordtune rewrite this sentence; I picked from their dropdown list of 17 rewrites.

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