Interview with Kishor Mehta PhD, PE, F.SEI – YouTube Sep 2017

Transcript of 2014 Oral Interview Kishor Mehta Transcript PDF from the Texas Tech University’s Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Oral History Program Transcript Overview This interview features Kishor Mehta, who discusses how Texas Tech University’s reaction to the Lubbock Tornado of 1970 developed into the National Wind Institute. Length of Interview: 00:45:21 Karl Hoitsma, P.E. (khoitsma)

Brom’s Method Sep 2017

Rigid Shaft Foundation Design User Input ______ Load Factors (Factor_vertical, Factor_lateral) ______ Foundation Geometry (Diameter, Height, Depth, Discounted Depth) ______ Soil Cohesion (Cu) ______ Design Guidance (Bearing?, Skin Friction?) ______ Allowable Bearing Stress ______ Allowable Factor of Safety Output ______ Bearing Stress Ratio ______ Skin Friction Ratio Karl Hoitsma, P.E. (khoitsma)