Something(s) I never knew May 2022

A British Overseas Territory; not uninhabited; and certainly not an island.


caprice (n.)

‘originally “a shivering,” a word of uncertain origin. Some guesses … or that the Italian word is connected with capo “head” + riccio “curl, frizzled,” literally “hedgehog” (from Latin ericius). The notion in this case would be of the hair standing on end, hence a person shivering in fear.’

refugium (n.)

In biology, a refugium (plural: refugia) is a location which supports an isolated or relict [see next entry] population of a once more widespread species.

relict (n.)

“a widow,” mid-15c., relicte, etymologically “one who is left, one who remains,” … also as an adjective in Middle English and early modern English, originally “left undisturbed or untouched, allowed to remain” (mid-15c.) but used in various senses.

Alba (n.)

Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland. Historically, the term refers to Britain as a whole and is ultimately based on the Indo-European root for “white”.

Mineola, Texas
Mineola is a city in the U.S. state of Texas in Wood County.

The town was incorporated as the railroads arrived in 1873. A railroad official, Ira H. Evans, combined the names of his daughter, Ola, and her friend, Minnie Patten, to create the city name Mineola.,_Texas

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