Texas — Residential & Commercial Inspections Aug 2021

Residential & Commercial Inspections https://www.greenworksinspections.com/ … from the linked website Looks like a comprehensive set of services. Foundation Inspection With Engineer’s Report Foundation Design Structural Plans & Design (Remodel/Addition) Load Bearing Wall Evaluation Framing Review Architectural Design & Drafting Structural Engineering Consulting Quite a large team https://www.greenworksinspections.com/our-team Four PEs; several certified inspectors.I think coordinated services […]

Terms of Venery Aug 2021

Glossophilia The love of language https://www.glossophilia.org/2012/11/a-flock-of-nouns-of-multitude/ … from the linked article, a tease of terms – A tabernacle of bakers – A shuffle of bureaucrats – A conjunction of grammarians – A melody of harpists – A pace of asses – A singular of boars – A clowder or pounce of cats – A rag […]