Online Moment Capacity Calculator Aug 2017

Online Calculator

Try it using link:

User Input

______ Fy (ksi)
______ Shape selection (text),

For example:

‘HP12x’ plots all HP12 shapes
‘W10x3’ plots only
and W10x39
‘W8x24’ plots only W8x24
‘MC’ plots all MC shapes
‘C4’ plots all C4 shapes

______ Lb (feet)
______ Cb (decimal number)


AISC LRFD Strong Axis Moment Capacity (15th Edition)


X axis: Section weight (pounds per foot)
Y axis: Section moment capacity (ft kips)

Equivalent to over 40 pages in the AISC Manual

Using live link at top of page, hover on graph to see details (IX, M/W, M)

Uses: Dash by Plotly, pythonanywhere, Python

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Moment Capacity















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