Maplesoft — Maple 2021 Jul 2021

I'm trying out Maple 2021
See the PDF below.
Pretty Amazing

Maple 2021

Trying out Maple 2021

Everything you see here is built programmatically — even the drawing — and the program is shown.  This PDF, after the first page, shows a slight variation of a Maple demo package. I added line items regarding point coordinates.

Notice it proves that distance(H,G) = 2 * distance(G, OO).
\sqrt{85}/6 = 2\sqrt{85}/12

MapleSoft Drawing 2 07152021KLH.pdf

Derivation of \beta_w for Single Angles

Using Maplesoft Maple 2021, I revisited my previous equation for \beta_w, and was able to simplify the equation.

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