Bitwarden Dec 2021

I was off-board, reluctant, and resistant.
After researching, trying a couple products, I am pleased that I selected the Bitwarden password manager.  Yes, I still keep an electronic and a printed backup but I love the piece of mind from using Bitwarden. Works great on my laptop. Works great on my iPhone.
Paid version .. or .. Free version
Try it Out

Within this ‘Try it Out’ section, I recommend using a desktop or laptop device.

First, maybe visit the blog (warning, this is mostly detail oriented)

Second, watch a couple short Getting Started videos

Create an account and login

Manage your Vault

Bitwarden Password Manager: Full Detailed Setup (3rd party video)

iOS Specifics

Getting Started with iOS

Auto-fill Logins on iOS

Consider the reviews
Consider security
Consider the future

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