Bitwarden Dec 2021

I was off-board, reluctant, and resistant.
After researching, trying a couple products, I am pleased that I selected the Bitwarden password manager.Β  Yes, I still keep an electronic and a printed backup but I love the piece of mind from using Bitwarden. Works great on my laptop. Works great on my iPhone.
Paid version .. or .. Free version
Try it Out

Within this β€˜Try it Out’ section, I recommend using a desktop or laptop device.

First, maybe visit the blog (warning, this is mostly detail oriented)

Second, watch a couple short Getting Started videos

Create an account and login

Manage your Vault

Bitwarden Password Manager: Full Detailed Setup (3rd party video)

iOS Specifics

Getting Started with iOS

Auto-fill Logins on iOS

Consider the reviews
Consider security
Consider the future

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